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Priority Seating Week on Capital’s Public Transport

Bus travel in London is set to become more attractive, inclusive and accessible to all with new, prominent priority seating on buses.

Transport for London (TfL) has marked its Priority Seating Week by announcing that more than 300 buses now have new priority seating designs, with the entire New Routemaster Bus Fleet to have new moquette by the end of 2025.

Priority Seating Week is a dedicated week of action to raise awareness of priority seats on public transport which are designed to make travelling easier and more comfortable for people with a range of visible and non-visible conditions.

The prominent priority seating designs help people who need a seat, including older and disabled customers and people with non-visible conditions, to easily identify these seats, and serves as a helpful reminder to fellow passengers that there may be customers with a greater need of a seat.

New priority seating has also been introduced to London Overground and selected London Underground trains to encourage everyone to think about others who have a greater need.

"Age UK London has been pleased to support TfL's Priority Seating Week for several years and we're excited about this year's focus on the bus network,” said John McGeachy, Age UK London's Campaigns Manager.

“Making travel as easy as possible can transform lives. Too many older Londoners experience anxiety before getting on board a bus and concerns about being able to sit down can be a big part of that.

“It's great to see increasing awareness of initiatives such as Please Offer Me a Seat badges but there is always more to do and so we really welcome the installation of new Priority Seating and the new designs."



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