Ability Promotions was established 12 years ago and the Director and Company Secretary Richard and Christine Freeman have spent many years producing publications for many different Charities. The focus of our publications is to incentivise people with disabilities and those from other minority sectors to have a more fulfilled lifestyle.


Employmentability aims to encourage employers to have a more inclusive and diverse workforce and incentivises those who feel discriminated against to seek employment. Studies have found that a business with a diverse workforce will outperform its rivals in both productivity and profit. 



Living with Disability informs disabled people, their families and friends on how to access available products and opportunities. Living with Disability illustrates this with a number of personal case histories illustrating how disabled individuals have maximised opportunities open to them to lead full and rewarding lives. 




Richard Freeman



Richard has been working in the charity sector since 1973 with many different organisations both publishing magazines and guides and fundraising. 

Katherine Turner

IT Consultant


Katherine specialises in accessibility and databases. Assists the visually impaired director with the latest technologies.

Helen Lee

Sales Executive 

Helen has worked on and off with the director since 1987. 

Rachel Chilvers

Sales Executive 


Before joining us in 2015, Rachel had been working in the Charity sector since the age of 17. 

Mark Stevens

Graphic Designer


Mark is head of graphics and designs for our publications. 

Clive Upland



Clive joined us in 2017 as the editor for Living with Disability. 

Christine Freeman

Company Secretary

Christine has been working in administration and financial management in the publishing and charity sector for the last 30 years.