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November's LWD magazine is out now!

We're excited to announce both our print and digital editions of Autumn's Living With Disability magazine is available right now...

The first issue to be released from our new owners, Total Sense Media, our digital version has a whole host of extra video and audio for you to enjoy, as well as other features including:

- Easy reader view - Simply tap and hold on an article and you can read an article in simple text form, as well as the ability to enlarge text and zoom in on paragraphs.

- Text to speech - For anyone with a visual impairment disability, our article text now converts to a new audio reader, so you can listen to the article. Just click on the headphones icon in the top menu bar once in easy reader view.

- Print in easy reader - If you prefer to read a paper version rather than online, you can now print simple text articles. Just click the print icon in the top menu bar once in easy reader view.

- Article menu - Switch between articles with ease in simple text mode. Just click on the far right book icon in the top menu bar once in easy reader view.

You can read online right HERE, but the easiest (and most up-to-date) way to read would be to get our free app, available on iOS and Android.

Meanwhile, don't forget you can subscribe to our print magazine right now for just £6 a year and take advantage of these great benefits:

  • Two issues (one every six months) of Living with Disability magazine posted to your door

  • Your digital copy of Living With Disability magazine sent to your inbox

  • Additional exclusive content via our new email newsletters

  • Entry into our monthly prize draw for subscribers

  • Additional exclusive content for premium members

Happy reading!

To download the Living with Disability magazine app on iPhone or iPad, just go to the App Store and install for free. The app can also be accessed on the Google Play store on other android or smartphones.

Please note that on some Android devices, you may need to change your device settings to watch our embedded videos directly on the app. To do this, go to settings > apps & notifications > Advanced > default apps > Opening Links > Scroll down to Youtube and tap it > Tap "Open Supported links" and switch this to "Don't open".



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