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Lyndsay’s Walking Stick Revolution Secures National Award

Congratulations to Lyndsay Watterson for winning the 2023 Entrepreneur of Excellence Award at the National Diversity Awards.

Lyndsay, who was featured in Living with Disability is the founder of Neo Walk – a business producing a stunning range of walking sticks to keep people on the move.

Lyndsay had her left leg amputated above the knee at the age of 43, after contracting MRSA, and as a newly disabled person wanted a stylish walking stick to match her colourful character.

Faced with a disappointing lack of choice or inspiring design she decided to do something about it and banish the days of ugly, boring walking sticks to the scrapheap.

Made from sturdy, tactile acrylic, Neo Walk sticks combine gorgeous colours and handle shapes with superb style and functionality – so much so that Lyndsay and her team have sold more than 10,000 walking sticks to more than 25 countries.

Lyndsay’s mission is to see disability normalised and for designers to embrace the needs of disabled people in mainstream products. For Lyndsay and Neo Walk that means continuing to innovate and create. She plans on tackling the look of crutches next.



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