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Safari Park’s Generous Great Day Out Donation

6,000 children have had a wild day out thanks to West Midland Safari Park and the children’s charity Variety.

The safari park donated the tickets to the charity to give disabled and disadvantaged children from 26 schools and non-profit organisations an opportunity to visit the park.

Variety helps disabled and disadvantaged children and young people throughout the UK by supplying grants for wheelchairs, specialist equipment and fully accessible transport for SEND schools and non-profit organisations with their famous Sunshine Coaches.

The trip to the West Midland Safari Park is an annual Variety Great Day Out that gives children and their families and carers the opportunity to make memories in an accessible environment without the financial strain.

“Our day at the safari park was nothing short of magical,” said Neil Dean, who took his son Harrison (pictured above).

“From the moment we entered the park to the awe-inspiring encounters with magnificent animals, every moment was filled with wonder and joy. The smiles on our faces throughout the day were a testament to the happiness that Variety brought into our lives.

“Variety's generosity not only allowed us to enjoy a day of adventure but also created lasting memories that we will treasure forever. It's heart-warming to know that there are organizations like Variety dedicated to bringing joy to children's lives.”

West Midland Safari Park includes a safari drive-through where visitors can see a fantastic range of animals from lions, tigers and rhinos, to elephants and giraffes. There is also an adventure theme park and plenty of opportunities to interact with the animals, with daily talks and shows.

“We are immensely grateful for the generosity of West Midland Safari Park,” said Lillian Bishop, organiser of the Variety Great Day Out.

“I have been volunteering with Variety, the Children’s Charity for 25 years now and I am constantly in awe of their unwavering loyalty to the charity.”

To find out more about Variety, the Children’s Charity, visit or to find out more about West Midland Safari Park, visit



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