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Relaxed Screening of Oska Bright Film Festival Highlights

A pick n mix of some of the highlights from this year’s Oska Bright Film Festival will be screened at London’s Barbican.

With less than 5% of disabled people working in the UK film industry, Oska Bright Film Festival is driven to make change happen, showing films made by or featuring people with learning disabilities or autism.

Working internationally with industry partners and funded by the BFI, the Oska team produces the BAFTA and BIFA qualifying Oska Bright Film Festival, promoting accessible screenings, running training for venues and developing skills for aspiring filmmakers.

There will be an opportunity to see the highlights from 11 of the films being screened at the main festival event in Brighton (March 11-17) at the Barbican on March 11.

The relaxed screening of Best of the Fest (12A) will start at 6.30pm in Cinema 3 and includes highlights from;

  • A Tale of Swords and Smoke (Michael Strachan Brown), an epic story of two young adventurers journeying across a faraway land (pictured above).

  • A young woman becomes increasingly attached to the taxidermized corpse of her housemate’s cat in Dead Cat Film (Josie Charles, Nathan Miller).

  • In Unscarfed (Anita Bruneburg) three humans serve a giantess in a giant-ruled land. They try hide their true feelings.

  • When a new router arrives, Tom thinks it’s the end of his lockdown wifi woes. But in Glitch (Dan McGowan) the new router has mysterious powers.

  • After she can’t go on her dream holiday, Emily builds a miniature model wonderland of her desired destinations in Holiday Maker (Harry Mead).

  • In Happy Okay Mate (Luke Collins) Rob arrives to collect the bins at the back door of a theatre before his eyes fall on a ‘cancelled’ theatre production.

  • My Cameras (Lucy Skuce) is an experimental film about Lucy’s obsessions: first-person experiences and redundant technologies.

  • In The Cunning (Alexandra Maher) a teenager with Down's syndrome helps herself, and others, to escape from accusations of witchcraft.

  • short semi-animated experimental horror film What I am Hiding from You (Conor Powell) is about masking neurodivergence.

  • Explore Tamsin’s complicated relationship with the sound of snoring in film and TV in Good Vibrations (Tamsin Louise Parker)

  • When Sam splits up with her partner, she moves back into her childhood home with her mother and neurodivergent brother in Chicken (Lucy McNulty, Emma Pollard).

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