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Regional Authority Signs Up to Improve Accessible Housing

Housing association Habinteg has announced a groundbreaking initiative in partnership with West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) to improve the accessible housing offer across the region.

The project, which will be delivered by Habinteg and its consultancy team, Centre for Accessible Environments (CAE), aims to support WMCA in improving inclusivity and accessibility for disabled and older people.

The project team will aim to:

·       Identify the common barriers preventing disabled people, people with long-term health conditions and older people from having accessible homes suited to their needs.

·       Provide a picture of the current accessible housing provision.

·       Assess the supply and demand of accessible housing and good practice.

The project will focus on the seven metropolitan member authorities that cover the region and will involve consultation with local disabled people’s groups as well as key local authority teams, social housing providers, developers and local landlord forums.

Consultations will also extend to housing providers, developers, and a broader examination of accessible housing provision across the UK to shape the understanding of best practices and implications for the region.

“Having a home that suits our needs is the foundation for a healthy and thriving life but it’s something that so many disabled people struggle to secure because in this country so much of our housing was built before accessible design was even thought of,” said Christina McGill, Director of Social Impact & External Affairs at Habinteg.

“So, we’re really encouraged to see the WMCA team putting accessible and inclusive housing provision at the forefront of its strategy to create a more inclusive region.”

If you live in the West Midlands, and you would like to register your interest in helping our research, please get in touch at

The project runs until April 30.




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