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Pop-Up Sensory Space for Perfect Playtime

A world first sensory play den that creates a calm space for children with developmental disabilities has been developed to pop-up at home.

The initial design, known as PODS, became an instant hit world-wide, with special schools, respite centres, hospitals, hospices and creches.

But designer Alex Ford had a dream to develop a more affordable pop-up for children with special sensory needs and physical disabilities to play in at home.

“PODSpop was created to help children with different sensory and learning needs and physical disabilities have an amazing play experience,” said Alex.

“As a child I grew up with disability in the family and at school I had a friend with autism. It was obvious to me even then, that when they became frustrated or agitated, they would need to take themselves off to a safe hideaway to calm down.

“We all know that play is essential to development because it contributes to the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being of children. The concept of PODSpop would be a means to that end, but also to help children with sensory needs, physical disabilities and learning difficulties. A truly inclusive pop-up play space.”

The PODSpop is an inclusive and immersive environment featuring a Sub Aqua Quest, Galactic Space Adventure, Rumble in the Jungle or Sunset Savannah Safari.

It pops up in just 40 seconds to provide a 360-degree immersive play space and packs down into a small handy backpack that can easily be transported from room to room at home or to another location like any favourite toy. You literally plug it in, pop it up and play.

To read more about the product see the latest edition of Living with Disability magazine online or go to



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