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Pedal Power from Showroom to Your Front Door

A leading tricycle manufacturer has launched an inclusive and accessible nationwide home demonstration service.


Everyone now has the chance to test ride Jorvik Tricycle’s range of tricycles, established by James Walker (pictured above) after it became difficult for his father to ride a traditional bike when he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s.


Faced with limited choice, outdated designs and no budget-friendly options, James decided to build his father a tricycle. 


Since then, James has been designing, building and selling quality tricycles for adults who want to enjoy their freedom and make the most of the outdoors.


It’s a privilege to assist people with the opportunity to get outside and enjoy their independence,” said James.


“Our home demonstration services provide a personalised experience and the chance to test drive our electric tricycles in the exact environment you’ll be using them. This opportunity both inspires confidence and helps customers make an informed decision when purchasing their tricycle.


“It may be difficult for customers to visit our showroom in York due to distance, physical disabilities or other personal challenges. Our home demonstrations instead bring the showroom to your doorstep.”


For more information, please visit 



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