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Outdoor Airtime Support for UK Deaf Sport and DeaflympicsGB

Building on its long-term association with the Olympic movement, UK Deaf Sport and DeaflympicsGB has announced an official new partnership with Ocean Outdoor.

The Deaflympics is one of the four Olympic events recognised by the IOC (International Olympic Committee) and UK Deaf Sport is the recognised International Federation for Deaf Sport in the UK.

The affiliation aligns with Ocean’s existing long-term partnerships with Team GB, ParalympicsGB and Special Olympics GB.

UK Deaf Sport works in partnership with key organisations to ensure that deaf children, young people and adults have equal opportunities to participate and excel in sport and physical activity as their hearing counterparts, from grassroots to elite level.

UK Deaf Sport enter and support all deaf sport teams competing abroad in European and World Deaf Sport Championships and select and manage the DeaflympicsGB Team, the official team that represents Great Britain at the Summer and Winter Deaflympics.

Under the partnership, UK Deaf Sport will receive airtime across Ocean’s digital out of home (DOOH) portfolio of advertising locations in the UK, with special content, highlights and sporting clips centred around competitions such as the Winter Deaflympics, currently taking place in Turkey.

“There are 12 million deaf adults in the UK and they are one of the least active groups,” said Joanne Cholerton, CEO at UK Deaf Sport.

“This partnership will enable UK Deaf Sport to amplify our messages across the UK.

“By raising awareness of the Deaflympics, deaf sport and deaf athletes through this support from Ocean Outdoor, we aim to inspire more deaf children and adults to get active and feel the social, physical and mental health benefits this brings.

“This partnership and working with the rest of the Olympic family, will also help in our mission to get elite deaf athletes the support and recognition they deserve.”

Pictured: Deaf athletes Nathan Young, Oliver Pritchard and Claire Stancliffe at London’s Westfield Stratford City to celebrate the new partnership with Ocean Outdoor and highlight UK Deaf Sport’s Fair Play for Deaf Athletes campaign.

UK Deaf Sport is in the process of lobbying the Government through their Fair Play for Deaf Athletes Campaign to end discrimination against elite deaf athletes by funding and supporting them as they do Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

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