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New Disability-Inclusive Pride Flag Unveiled

A new Disability-Inclusive Pride Flag unveiled during London Pride is to be toured to employers' offices with guidance on intersectionality. 

Global social enterprise, Evenbreak, has collaborated with the creator of the Intersex-Inclusive Pride flag, Valentino Vecchietti, to incorporate the disability flag in the shape of a heart into the Inclusive Pride flag.   

“It was very moving and amazing to see the reaction of disabled people at London Pride,” said Dayna Halliwell, Content and Engagement Manager at Evenbreak.

“You could see the joy on their faces of being represented in the parade.”  

The flag is part of a wider campaign called #PrideInTalent being led by Evenbreak who felt it was important that the intersection between the disability and LGBTIQA+ community was highlighted.  

Evenbreak is the only global disability job board run by and for disabled people which works to close the disability employment gap by connecting talented disabled candidates with inclusive employers.  

Valentino Vecchietti (she/her) is an artist, writer, and the creator of the current global Pride flag, the Intersex-Inclusive Pride flag, who works globally to create LGBTIA+ inclusion, representation, and funding.  

Vecchietti is also an intersex consultant and the founder of Intersex Equality Rights, an intersex-led organisation focused on research, campaigns, and advocacy. Vecchietti’s work has been recognised on the Diva Power List, The Pride Power List, The Independent Pride List and Lesbian 100 List. 

“As a disabled queer person, it was important that Evenbreak approached Pride Month in the right way.” added Dayna.


“This meant focusing on listening to the community and creating a campaign that centers authentic voices. Through conversations with our ambassadors and internal LGBTIQA+ colleagues, a recurring theme emerged: many felt 'left out' or 'not thought of,' both in Pride events and in general.  


“This inspired the PrideInTalent campaign, with a key activity being our collaboration with Valentino Vecchietti to create a disability-inclusive version of Valentino’s Inclusive Pride flag to represent LGBTIQA+ disabled people.”

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