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Multi-Sensory Musical Puts Families with Disabilities Centre Stage

A new multi-sensory musical, Rainbow Rae and the Colour Stone Rescue, looks set to be this summer’s live theatre hit.

Inclusive, interactive, and fully accessible, there are lots of laughs guaranteed in Kali Peacock’s unique production, which places families with disabilities, and those without, at its heart.

The show, by the acclaimed team at Underworld Productions, is a fantastic opportunity for all families to come together to enjoy a magical shared experience, especially those that find it difficult to access theatre.

Every performance will be relaxed and will include multi-dimensional effects such as smell and touch as well as live music, written by the Tony Award-winning composer Sarah Travis.

The evil Wizard Whack has stolen the seven magic stones that create every colour there is. A young brave heart named Rae has volunteered to find the stones and bring them back to where they belong.

If the mission fails all colour will drain away and the world will be black and white forever! So, will you help? Travel with Rae to the seven Rainbow Realms? Help find the clues and solve the puzzles necessary to defeat Wizard Whack and bring the Colour Stones back home?

Rainbow Rae and the Colour Stone Rescue will play at three South East venues during August. The show will premiere at the Izzard Theatre in Bexhill-on-Sea playing from 8-11 August before moving to the Hailsham Pavilion Theatre from 14 to 19 and finishing its run at Eastbourne Theatres’ Shackleton Hall from 22 to 27.

Tickets are heavily subsidised by charitable donations and grants, with full concessions available to those experiencing hardship.

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