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Make Sure You Get Our Latest App Update!

Did you know - Living with Disability magazine has its own free app? We've been doing some updates to make it more accessible than ever...

A note from our team:

Our free app is available right now with easy access to read our most current and previous editions straight from your phone or tablet.

For new and existing readers of Living with Disability magazine, we've been working on some new features to improve your online reading experience, but most importantly to increase our level of accessibility. Some of our brand new features include:

- Exclusive videos on digital versions of our magazine (from November 2022)

- Easy reader view - Simply tap and hold on an article and you can read an article in simple text form, as well as the ability to enlarge text and zoom in on paragraphs.

- Text to speech - For anyone with a visual impairment disability, our article text now converts to a new audio reader, so you can listen to the article. Just click on the headphones icon in the top menu bar once in easy reader view.

- Print in easy reader - If you prefer to read a paper version rather than online, you can now print simple text articles. Just click the print icon in the top menu bar once in easy reader view.

- Article menu - Switch between articles with ease in simple text mode. Just click on the far right book icon in the top menu bar once in easy reader view.

To download the Living with Disability magazine app on iPhone or iPad, just go to the App Store and install for free. The app can also be accessed on the Google Play store on other android or smartphones.

Already got the app? Make sure you've updated it to the latest features on your device to access what's new.



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