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Learn How to Guide a Person with Sight Loss

Are you interested in learning how to guide a loved one with sight loss or vision impairment?

The Guide Dogs charity offers free Sighted Guide Training – including sessions for friends and family – to help you guide adults safely, with confidence, skill and empathy.

The virtual training session covers tips for practical guiding and techniques to help people get around obstacles they may come across every day, crossing roads and getting in and out of cars.

It also covers an introduction to access rights and some of the challenges people with sight loss can face, as well as providing an opportunity to meet others with similar experiences.

Much like learning how to perform first aid, sighted guiding is a useful life skill. And Guide Dogs offers a range of sighted guide training options.

It might be training to give you the confidence to know how to act when you meet someone who is blind or partially sighted, and the guiding techniques to help them if they need it.

Or how to act with a customer or colleague with sight loss at work, in your volunteer role, or when you’re out and about. Taking a few moments to offer guiding assistance can make a huge difference to their day.

You can find more information about the different Sighted Guide Training sessions on the Guide Dogs website



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