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Inclusive Art Hostel Welcomes Creative Travellers

Art Hostel is putting Leeds on the map as a leading destination for creative travellers.

The hostel offers a unique hospitality experience created by artists, including a room created for disabled people.

Called ‘Rooting’, the unique space offers an audio, visual and multi-sensory experience that will feel different for every guest.

With light, sound, and key electronic appliances such as blinds operated via voice and remote control, the space was created for the disabled community inclusive of mental health, neurodiversity and chronic illness.

“I wanted to create an Art Hostel experience that holds space for everyone, as a place to gather your thoughts and ground yourself when visiting a new city,” said sound artist Sayang.

“Formed from my own experiences of neurodiversity and discomfort in unfamiliar environments and by speaking to disabled peers and artists as part of my research I could incorporate inclusivity and access for different disability needs in Rooting.

“I hope that Rooting feels like an indulgent space that offers true sensory respite, where disability is considered first, and it welcomes people from around the world to Leeds - a city I spent most of my life in.”

Leeds is currently staging a year-long celebration of culture.

The Art Hostel was developed by contemporary art charity, East Street Arts, and is the first social enterprise in the UK providing affordable accommodation created by artists.

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