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Global Company Looks to UK Social Enterprise to Boost DEI Credentials

Global marketing giant Awin has signed up with a ground-breaking online job board run by disabled people for disabled people.

The company has partnered with Evenbreak, a social enterprise that matches disabled candidates that want to work with inclusive employers, to help it empower diverse talent in the advertising world.

Building on its goal to humanize marketing and put people first in an often technology focused sector, Awin is offering vacancies around the world to thousands of premium candidates through the Evenbreak platform.

“Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) at Awin is core to who we are, it’s embedded in our global working culture,” said Daisy Row, Senior Talent Partner at Awin.

“We are passionate and strive to continue our journey through each pillar of DEI. We hire for diversity of thought, experience, and background.

“We facilitate equitable hiring processes and decisions. We endeavour to continue creating a sense of belonging, improving inclusivity, and retaining diverse talent.”

Founded by Jane Hatton, Evenbreak signposts jobs and offers employers support on becoming more inclusive and accessible to disabled jobseekers and employees. It also runs a career service for disabled candidates through its Career Hive Service.

To find out more about Evenbreak go to



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