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Deafblind UK Hosts Virtual Deafblind Convention

This year’s virtual Deafblind Convention on October 6 will focus on the topic of ‘Embracing Change’...


The event, hosted by Deafblind UK, will feature world class speakers who have a professional or personal interest in sight and hearing loss.

And it will bring people together to share thoughts, opinions, research, and experiences of living better with sight and hearing loss.

“Being deafblind means living with constant change; it’s an ever-evolving cycle that has no end point,” said Deafblind UK CEO Steve Conway.

“From experiencing first symptoms to adapting to a global pandemic, sight and hearing loss changes lives. This event will explore how deafblindness forces change and how a changing world impacts deafblindness.”


Speakers include deafblind specialists Dr Peter Simcock and Dr Arthur Theil from Birmingham City University, as well as global experts Kolbein Lyng, Else-Marie Svingen and Ishan Chakraborty.


Delegates will have the chance to hear from the BBC’s research and development team about the work they are doing around accessibility, and from the Deafblind UK team who will explore the affects of change on mental health.


The keynote, by disability advocate Catarina Rivera, addresses three myths that block leaders from focusing on disability. It explores the emotions surrounding disability and articulates a vision for the future of work that centres on disability inclusion.

Catarina will also share tips for how you can influence other stakeholders to care about disability inclusion and accessibility.


The event is free to join and is available to book online at



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