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Celebrating Neurodiversity Awards - Winners Announced

Outstanding members of the Neurominority community have been recognised at the Celebrating Neurodiversity Awards.

Individuals, businesses and projects that promote acceptance and inclusion in the fields of technology, research, employment, education, and advocacy were presented with awards at last night’s ceremony, organised by Neurodivergent led CIC Genius Within.

The awards were hosted by broadcaster, podcaster and best-selling author Nicky Campbell, alongside his daughter Kirsty Campbell.

The pair both have ADHD, and it was Kirsty’s diagnosis at the age of 15 that led Nicky to explore his own ADHD traits aged 60.

The Celebrating Neurodiversity Awards Winners were:

· Inclusive Technology Award: Cubbie

· Most Inclusive Education Provider: Smithdown Primary School

· Neurodivergent Achiever of the Year: Professor Jason Arday

· Most Inclusive Employer, sponsored Ubisoft

· Inclusion Project of the Year: Joint Winners Black SEN Mamas and SEN Jungle intersectionality panel

· Neurodiversity Research of the Year: Maddie Groom and Camilla Babbage

· Stereotype Buster: Elizabeth Bonker

· ND Young Achiever of the Year (under 21): Swarit Gopalan

· Rising Star Award: Puneet Singh Singhal (pictured above).

A 10th award, the Community Choice Award, was voted for online by the neurodivergent community and the winner was one of the UK’s most influential neurodivergent women, Remi Ray (pictured below).

"These awards are like no other and help us reframe the negative stereotypes that neurominorities often live with,” said Jacqui Wallis, CEO of Genius Within.

“By celebrating these remarkable achievements, we understand just what can be achieved when we focus on people’s uniqueness, strength and talents.

“We’re working towards a future where all neurodivergent talents are celebrated and people can thrive and live a life with purpose.”

Host Nicky Campbell says:

“We’re seeing a real shift in how society views neurodivergence. It is inspiring and uplifting to meet the people behind the winning entries, and to hear their stories. It’s important that we have a more inclusive and accepting approach to understanding the different ways our brains work, and what makes us unique.”

For more information about the Genius Within Celebrating Neurodiversity Awards winners visit



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