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Celebrating Neurodiversity At Awards Show

Broadcaster Nicky Campbell will host the Celebrating Neurodiversity Awards alongside his daughter Kirsty Campbell. 


The father and daughter duo will support the awards and share personal reflections as part of the hybrid event being held in person and streamed online on September 28. 


The pair both have ADHD, and it was Kirsty’s diagnosis at the age of 15 that led Nicky to explore his own ADHD traits aged 60, which he discusses in an episode of his podcast ‘Different’. 


“My ADHD traits have benefited me and my career in many ways and I’m more interested in the things that make us different than ever before,” said Nicky.

Genius Within, the organisation behind the Celebrating Neurodiversity Awards, knows all too well that neurodivergent people spend far too much time being made to focus on their perceived deficits and not enough time celebrating their many strengths and successes.

“Our work in the social justice sector and the business world gives us access to so many wonderful stories and we wanted to create an event that made space to share them,” explained Jacqui Wallis, CEO of Genius Within.


The organisation seeks to reframe the negative stereotypes that neuro-minorities often live with, focusing instead on their unique talents and strengths.

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