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Young Golfers Test Game Changing Prosthetic Arm

A revolutionary prosthetic arm, the first of its kind globally, was recently trialled by primary-aged children during a special coaching session to play golf.

UK-based Koalaa is collaborating with EDGA (formally the European Disabled Golf Association), a non-profit organisation committed to making golf accessible to all, to develop a unique tool that enhances the ability of players with upper limb differences to effectively use a golf club.

While the development process is still in its early stages, the session at Woburn Golf Club followed months of research and testing and was the first time that younger players have been invited to test out the prototype device. 

Each of the children using the prosthetics has a congenital below elbow limb difference, meaning their arm did not develop fully at birth. They have been given their Koalaa prosthetic for free through a charitable initiative called Project Limitless, which supports children aged 18 and under living in the UK.

Under the expert guidance of golf coach, Mark Taylor, EDGA’s Head of Instruction & Education, the children used their prosthetic for the first time to play four holes on a specially created short course designed for them for the day. 

Coinciding with The G4D Open, an inclusive tournament attracting skilled golfers with disabilities from worldwide, the event also provided the youngsters with a chance to meet some of the world’s top players.

It was brilliant to welcome the children along to Woburn and they all picked it up really quickly!,” said Mr Taylor.

“Tools, like the one we’re developing with Koalaa, are so important for aiding inclusivity and making golf accessible for all.  We want everyone, no matter what age, ability or experience level, to know that golf is for them.”

“From a player perspective, one crucial and unique benefit of Koalaa’s prosthetics is that they make it possible to connect the limb to the golf club in a functional position which complements maximum player interaction with the club and enhances the motion and force generation inside the swing - something that is just not possible without the new device.” 

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Pictured: 10 year old Joanie using her Koalaa prosthetic to play golf.





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