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The Power & Politics of Textiles on Display

Using textiles, fibre and thread, 50 international artists challenge power structures and reimagine the world in a major group exhibition at London’s Barbican Art Gallery.

Textiles cover and protect us, engage our senses, trigger our memories, represent our beliefs, hold our stories. We are wrapped in cloth when we’re born and enshrouded in it when we die.

As an artistic medium, textiles can speak to the joys and pains of being human, as well as the larger structures and systems that shape our world.

Intergenerational artists use textiles to communicate vital ideas about power, resistance and survival in Unravel: The Power and Politics of Textiles in Art.

From intimate hand-crafted pieces to monumental sculptural installations, these works offer narratives of violence, imperialism and exclusion alongside stories of resilience, love and hope.


There will be a free BSL Tour of the exhibition with John Wilson on April 8 at 6.30pm, a free Audio Described Tour of the exhibition with Lisa Squirrel on April 17 at 6.30pm and various dates on which Relaxed Viewings will take place.

Pictured above: ‘Hammock (part of 4 Hammocks)’, 1999 – 2003 Thread, fabric, clay and cotton by Solange Pessoa (Brazil).




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