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Staying on the Right Path

An innovative new cane has been designed to help blind and partially sighted people enjoy the great outdoors.


Available from the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB), the All-Terrain Cane (ATC) offers hikers the stability to tackle the unfamiliar terrain of the UK’s countryside.


The ATC was designed by retired firefighter and keen hiker Dave Epstein (pictured above), who has Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP), an inherited eye condition which affects the light sensitive cells in the retina at the back of your eyes, which over time causes progressive sight loss.


“I was hiking with my wife and as the sun set below the mountain range, the trail became difficult to navigate,” said Dave.


“I wasn’t willing to give up hiking and I knew I needed a mobility device that could keep me on the trails. So, I visited hiking stores but there wasn’t anything on the market for blind hikers, other than flashlights and first aid kits!


“I left one store with a pair of trekking poles and a bunch of ideas. Shortly after, the first prototype of the ATC was created.”


Made with lightweight, super-strong titanium alloy, the ATC gives the user support and stability to tackle unfamiliar terrain and obstacles.

Whether on a stroll to the shops, a walk on the beach, or navigating country trails the high-performance roller ball tip connects you to all terrains and surfaces.


“As someone who is living with sight loss, it’s so important for everyone to have the freedom to enjoy the great outdoors safely, but this can be challenging,” said Claire Maxwell, RNIB’s Product Manager.


“The ATC will support people with sight loss to navigate safely and to live the life we want to lead.”


Customers can book demos of products at the Products for Life stores in London, Edinburgh, and Belfast. To book a slot visit or call 0303 123 9999.






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