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Southampton Launches ‘From Parks to Port’ Accessible Trail

Hampshire's port city of Southampton has unveiled a new historical tour enabling those with physical and learning difficulties to explore the city more easily.

Free, and available in a digital and printed map format, the From Parks to Port route offers a sensory self-guided trail in and around the city with a focus on textures, smells and sounds.

Featuring 15 locations, key sites range from the City Art Gallery and the Parks in the north of the city to God’s House Tower close to the waterfront and Docks.

Using dyslexic-friendly text, ideal for mobility scooter and wheelchair users and accessible to as many audiences as possible, the leaflet and online guide highlight the historic and natural richness of Southampton.

Practical points of interest including ramps, accessible toilets, lifts and venues with audio guides and description/audio tours also feature on the map. Plus, for the online version, each location can be accessed and heard by the visually impaired via optical character recognition (OCR) software.



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