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SEND Students Succeed with Assistive Technology Device

A further education college in Greater Manchester has transformed its teaching using assistive technology.

Oldham College offers students access to the OrCam Learn, a revolutionary new learning solution, to transform their studies.

The interactive OrCam Learn solution empowers students with learning difficulties – including dyslexia – to effectively read and learn, resulting in enhanced comprehension, reading fluency, and improved confidence.

The OrCam Learn is a wireless, pen-sized, handheld device, with an intuitive point-and-click operation that ‘captures’ and immediately reads out loud a full page, paragraph, or single word of text – from any surface such as books, digital screens, or handouts.

Lauryn Fleming, a 19-year-old student at Oldham College, is dyslexic and she has struggled throughout her school years, often feeling overlooked by her teachers and embarrassed of finding difficulties in understanding words.

Since studying an Advanced Apprenticeship in Hair and Beauty and with the OrCam Learn to support her learning, Lauryn has passed her Level 2 English exam.

“The College has provided me with such incredible support in my studies, something I’ve never had until now,” said Lauryn, pictured above using the OrCam Learn.

“The OrCam Learn has given me new independence and confidence in my learning and I don’t need to rely on a human reader for my assessments or classwork.”

The OrCam Learn comes with a reading pace feature. The device will match the student’s desired pace of reading and can also be paused between words to allow the user to get the most out of the text. It is also the first learning solution that provides reporting and analytics on a student’s progress for their tutors to review.

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