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Petition Launched to make Sports Venue Toilets more Accessible

Disabled sports fans are calling for legislation to be updated to ensure sports venue toilets are accessible.

A petition has been launched calling on the government for Changing Places toilets - facilities that provide extra equipment and space to allow disabled people to use the toilet safely and comfortably - to be made mandatory in all UK sports venues with a capacity of more than 350 people.

At present, only new builds with a capacity of 350+ people must include CPTs.

Stating it’s a ‘matter of dignity’ for disabled fans and athletes, who often have to make the humiliating choice of risking no access to toilet facilities during their visit to sports fixtures or not to go at all, the petition calls for this to apply to existing venues across the UK.

Backing the #RiseForSport campaign led by RISE Adaptations - one of the UK’s few Changing Places providers - are Francesca Dean, Rachel Bury, and Zack Kerr (pictured above) – who all have cerebral palsy and are wheelchair users.

“I am a very sociable person and live life to the full,” said 27-year-old Zack.

“I enjoy all sorts of leisure activities and getting out and about as often as I can, but going to sporting events is either a huge gamble, taking a risk of having no accessible facilities available, or not going out at all.

“Even leisure facilities such as swimming pools and sports centres rarely have Changing Places Toilets, making visits as a supporter, spectator, or participant almost impossible.

“This restricts my ability to experience these events and also, my ability to spend quality time with family and friends at such events.”

Changing Places campaigner Jane Cooper, who is also the Managing Director of Access & Inclusion UK, is backing the appeal.

“Things are getting better, and we are seeing more and more Changing Places Toilets installed in shopping centres, attractions, motorway services and leisure centres, but sports venues are severely lagging behind,” said Jane.

To support the initiative to get legislative change and ensure all sports venues have accessible facilities go to



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