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Oar Blimey Duo Set to Row Atlantic in Epic Charity Challenge

Two novice adventurers are preparing to row their boat across the world’s second largest ocean in a challenge dedicated to people who live with dementia in their lives.

George Nelson and Russell Davis have arrived in Portugal ready to set off on Friday (December 1) to row the 3,500 miles across the Atlantic Ocean.

The daring duo known as Oar Blimey will be way out of their comfort zone as they take on the challenge of a lifetime to raise £250,000 for services that help people live with dementia.

The men will take turns at rowing for 2-hours, then resting for 2-hours, as they head independently and unsupported to Sint Maarten in the Caribbean.

The middle-aged pair of adventurers from Mansfield – more than 50 miles from the sea – will face blisters, salt rashes and sleep deprivation during the challenge and every ounce of physical and mental endurance will be required to complete it within three months.

“The support and encouragement we’ve received has been humbling and I’m so glad we’re taking on such a momentous challenge,” said George. “It will be dangerous, but we’ve taken every possible step to mitigate the dangers.

“Even food shouldn’t be a problem, according to one youngster at a school I visited to tell them all about the trip. When I said what I would miss the most would be a McDonald’s one of the children shouted out ‘it’s ok Mr, McDonald’s deliver…they’ll bring it to you!’ Absolutely brilliant…food situation sorted.”

You can read the full story behind the pair’s brave endeavour online in the current issue of Living with Disability.

Donations to Oar Blimey will raise funds for helping people to live with dementia and will be shared by the charities Our Dementia Choir and Ladybrook Enterprises.



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