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NHS Trust Recognised For Its High Standard In Accessible Communication

Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust has gained accreditation to a new standard which supports people with communication needs.

The trust, which provides a range of mental health and community services across Kent, Southeast London and the South West of England, is now entitled to display the Communication Access UK symbol to show it has reached the standard required in accessible communication.

Communication Access UK is an initiative led by the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists and developed in partnership with charities and organisations that share a vision to improve the lives of people with communication difficulties.

Communication Access UK provides free training for the public, organisations and businesses designed to support millions of people across the UK who experience communication difficulties every day.

Difficulties can affect people’s ability to speak, hear and understand what is being said to them. Some individuals find it hard to ask a question, name an object or ask for help, while others may have speech difficulties that make it hard for them to be understood.

People can also have difficulties with processing information, reading, and writing or may use communication devices that require time to create their messages.

“People who have communication difficulties often feel marginalised by society because their needs can be hidden in a way that other disabilities are not,” said Nick Hewer, President of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists.

“Achieving the Communication Access UK standards and displaying the symbol is a great way for Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust to show they value all their patients by being keen and able to communicate inclusively with people who currently have difficulties accessing their services.”

The trust is one of the first three NHS trusts in England to have gained the accreditation. It aims to have at least 400 staff trained by the end of 2023 and to develop a network of communication champions to raise awareness of the CAUK training and symbol.

To find out more information and register for free Communication Access training visit:



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