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New Series of Inspirational Aviation Interviews by Aerobility Takes Off

Disabled flying charity Aerobility is relaunching a brand-new series of online video interviews featuring some of the most inspirational figures in aviation.

Harriet Pound, an Airbus A320 captain for a major European airline, will be speaking to a diverse range of inspiring individuals from the aviation world, who share revealing and often surprising truths from their pasts.

Author Liz McConaghy (pictured above), who has written about her experiences as the longest-serving female crew member in the RAF Chinook fleet, will be the first in the hot seat for the new series of Inspire-Ability, launching today (March 31).

Other future guests include Boeing 777 Captain and UK Government Aviation Ambassador Suzy Morgan.

“Aerobility is really looking forward to launching this brand-new series of Inspire-Ability. We think it is the best one yet,” said Aerobility CEO Mike Miller-Smith.

“I truly hope that the personal and inspiring stories empower our viewers and listeners to take control and overcome any challenging situations they are facing.”

Aerobility provides access to modified aircraft and equipment, giving every disabled person the chance to spread their wings - both literally and figuratively – and to experience the wonder of flight.

The Inspire-Ability series of interviews will be available to watch on YouTube, on Aerobility’s Channel Each episode will also be available as a podcast on all major platforms. Episodes will be released weekly, every Friday at 4pm.



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