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New Partnership Ensures Better Access for Football Fans

Disabled football fans at Tranmere Rovers FC will be the first to benefit from easier access to tickets thanks to a pioneering partnership.

Sports venue ticketing platform Alloc8 has teamed up with Nimbus Disability to incorporate the award-winning bespoke Access Card software into its own ticketing system which is being operated at Tranmere Rovers FC.

The integrated platform will enable disabled fans to register their requirements and book online season tickets, tickets for home and away fixtures, coach travel and parking, quickly and easily - breaking down the barriers they face to enjoying live football.

Fans who also sign up for Nimbus’ Access Card will be able to join the 100,000 disabled people across the UK who benefit from easier ticket bookings at major venues across the UK and beyond including West End theatres, Buckingham Palace, Disneyland Paris, and The O2 Arena.

Nimbus Disability is a social enterprise company run by disabled people for disabled people which is recognised as a lead authority on accessible ticketing in the UK.

It’s Access Card system translates its holder’s disability/impairment/access requirements into symbols highlighting the barriers they face.

Then, when cardholders book tickets online, NOS automatically informs the ticket booking system about the access requirements that individuals need.

This has vastly improved access for disabled people who previously had to provide benefit entitlement letters or invasive amounts of personal information each time they booked tickets for festivals, cinemas, theatres and more.

“The Access Card is all about providing consistency for disabled people – whether that is going to a football match, theatre or local coffee shop,” said Martin Austin MBE, Managing Director of Nimbus Disability, pictured above far right with Nimbus colleagues Greg Bowler and Mark Briggs.

“As disabled people ourselves, our mission is to provide a universal, digitised way of communicating all verified access requirements, from eligibility for companion tickets to the necessity for wheelchair-accessible seating provision.”

Nimbus’ Access Card was recognised with a Ticketing Business Award in 2021 and, more recently, The Queen’s Award for Innovation.

For more information about registering for The Access Card please visit



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