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New Business Forum Champions Neurodiversity In Workplace

A new business forum has been set up to encourage and support greater neurodiversity in the workplace...

Neurodiversity in Business (NiB) will make use of the extensive knowledge of neuro-divergent experts and leading companies to share best practice and improve the employment and experience of the neuro-diverse workforce.

Neurodiversity (ND) is a concept where neurological differences should be recognised and respected just like any other human variation. That differences don’t have to only be looked at as weaknesses.

They’re not problems that need to be ‘fixed’ or ‘cured’. They’re simply variations of the human brain.

A neurodiverse workforce consists of both neurotypical and neurodivergent individuals, people who associate with Autism, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, ADHD, Dyspraxia and Dysgraphia, amongst other conditions.

The differences in neurological make­up, or ‘brain-­wiring’, often come with distinct strengths and sought ­after skills, from process structuring to creative problem solving. Between 15­20% of the population are estimated to be neuro-divergent (around 10­13.5 million in the UK). Yet just a small proportion of this group are in employment.

“We are thrilled that after months of hard­ work with an array of experts, the neuro-divergent community and our partner organisations, Neurodiversity in Business is finally up and running,” said Dan Harris, NiB CEO.

“Businesses around the country are waking up to the enormous benefits that having a neuro-diverse workforce can bring to the table.

"Neuro-divergent individuals can bring singlemindedness, attention to detail, innovative thinking patterns, diligence and creativity to bear on any number of practical business matters. But they need better support than is currently available.

“NiB and its members know that by making reasonable (and often easy) modifications to the workplace it is possible to improve neurodiversity in the workplace and be more sustainable too. That is where NiB will help – by sharing best practice and acting to support businesses and individuals.”

The CEO of leading neurodiversity specialists Genius Within, Jacqui Wallis, said the launch of NiB was a milestone moment in bringing neurodiversity at work into the mainstream.

“We welcome the enthusiasm and engagement of so many of the UK’s largest businesses to ensuring that the world of work is an inclusive and welcoming place for neurodivergent individuals,” she said.

“We champion systemic change, across our social systems, governments and throughout organisations. Neurodiversity in Business will establish a wide-­reaching collective who can make that change happen.”

For further information as to how to join NiB, please visit



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