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Manchester Arena Bombing Survivor Scales Kilimanjaro in a Wheelchair

Seven years ago this week Martin Hibbert was left paralysed from the waist down by the Manchester Arena bombing.

The dad from Bolton, aged 40 at the time, was the closest person to the bomber to survive.

Twenty-two people didn’t survive and hundreds, including Martin’s teenage daughter Eve, were injured by the horrific terrorist suicide bombing on May 22, 2017.

Martin has since become a leading campaigner both for victims of the atrocity and those with spinal cord injuries. His determination to make a difference raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for charity, when he scaled Mount Kilimanjaro in a wheelchair, becoming only the second paraplegic to do so.

“I’ve often wondered why I was saved,” said Martin, when he reached the summit of Africa’s highest mountain in 2022.  “Now I know why. It was for this moment.”

Written in conjunction with journalist Fiona Duffy, his gripping and inspiring story is told in ‘Top of the World’, published by Gemini Books.

Martin is a Vice President of the Spinal Injuries Association and continues to campaign for change; tackling the barriers faced by people with spinal cord injuries on a daily basis.



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