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Latest Changing Places Opens at Bolton Library & Museum

Living with Disability is pleased to announce news of another Changing Places opening.


The latest accessible toilet facilities, catering to the needs of individuals with severe disabilities and those who require more support and space than standard, has opened at Bolton Library & Museum in Greater Manchester.


“Bringing these new facilities into the refurbished library is testament to the dedication Bolton Council has to making things accessible to all,” said Bolton Council’s Executive Cabinet Member for Culture, Cllr Nadeem Ayub.


“We’re an inclusive town and the council leads from the front in valuing diversity and promoting equality amongst residents and visitors. We welcome everybody into our venues to enjoy our cultural offer and hope that added benefits like this enhance the visitor experience.”


The Changing Places toilet at Bolton Library & Museum, devised and installed by expert disability technology company Innova Care Concepts, makes a fundamental difference to visitors with disabilities. 


It’s notably bigger than regular accessible toilets to accommodate individuals who require assistance and specialist mobility equipment including wheelchairs and hoists, as well as help from a carer while using the facility.


“Our primary mission is to utilise the technology we have to make the UK a more equitable society with access for everyone,” said Innova Care Concepts Managing Director Tom Hulbert. 


A consortium of leading charitable organisations including Muscular Dystrophy UK, Age Concern and the Disability Alliance have been actively campaigning for widespread access to Changing Places since 2006.


To find out more about Changing Places and where to find one go to








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