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Getty Creative Grant Shifts the Focus on Disability Representation

Visual content creator Getty Images has announced a new global Creative Grant in collaboration with technology communications company Verizon.

‘Joyful Bodies: Celebrating Diversity and Resilience’ seeks to elevate the works of creators as they spotlight the everyday moments of happiness experienced by people within the disability community, shifting perceptions around physical beauty and capability.

It follows the successful launch of The Disability Collection in 2018, a collection that has grown to include over 4,000 curated images and videos devoted to unveiling the extraordinary diversity within the disability community and spotlighting the myriad ways in which individuals navigate their lives with resilience and determination.

"Often in advertising and media, disabilities are repeatedly shown as limiting and restrictive," said Dr. Rebecca Swift, Creative Grant Judge and Senior Vice President of Creative at Getty Images.

"Building on our ongoing work with The Disability Collection, our objective remains to empower creative talents, spark inspiration in the next generation, and transform the depiction of disabilities in marketing and advertising across industries."

Recognizing the challenges faced by photographers worldwide as they look to break into the commercial industry, the Getty Images’ Creative Grant seeks to discover and nurture creative talent while also alleviating some of the financial hurdles they face to capture authentic content.

The additional monetary and promotional support from Verizon also ensures a greater reach to potentially interested photographers.

Open to photographers and videographers globally, and supported by a matching grant by Verizon, ‘Joyful Bodies: Celebrating Diversity and Resilience’ is a one-time grant, awarding one recipient $10,000, one recipient $7,000 and one recipient $3,000, as determined by a panel of creative industry judges and disability activists.

The grant seeks diverse perspectives and photographers and videographers with disabilities are specifically encouraged to apply.

The application period will close on November 20 and recipients of the Creative Grant will be announced during the week of December 11, 2023.

Photo credit: Erika Dominiquini/ Getty Images



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