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Get Involved in Goalball

Goalball UK have announced 13 taster sessions to take place around the country as part of ensuring a lasting impact to this month’s International Blind Sports Federation (IBSA) World Games.

The sessions will be delivered from September by new and existing goalball clubs to encourage people of all ages to try goalball.

The sessions are open to all abilities, with many clubs opening their doors to players from eight-years-old upwards.

Whilst goalball is a sport designed for blind and partially sighted players, sighted friends and family can join in too. Many young players enjoy having a sibling or friend with them for their first session.

“The open sessions offer a chance for many more people across the UK to try goalball,” said Alex Bunney, Participation Lead at Goalball UK.

“We’re hoping the IBSA World Games in Coventry will inspire people to have a go themselves.

“Even if you don’t fancy playing goalball, there are so many opportunities to be part of this fun sport. From volunteering and supporting to assisting players there are many ways to get involved.”

Visit the following link to find your nearest open session:

If there is no goalball club in your area and you would like to set one up, the Goalball UK website has all the information you need to get going



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