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Flying scholarships for disabled people launched by Aerobility

A UK Charity which changes lives by providing anyone, with any disability, with the access to the magic and wonder of flight is inviting applications for flying scholarships.

The 2023 Aerobility scholarship application window is now open for five-hour flying scholarships which give people with disabilities a chance to fly.

Aerobility scholarships are grants that enable anyone with any disability to start to learn to fly, irrespective of their background. This is one of the ways the charity removes the financial as well as the physical barriers to accessing aviation.

“The scholarship gave me something to study toward and look forward to each week and prove that my fear of not being able to fly the plane was completely unnecessary,” said Andy Braybrook, who has been paralysed since a motorcycle accident six years ago and was a scholar in 2022.

“As soon as I saw the scholarship advertised, I knew that a door was now open to me which would not have been, had I not been disabled and not known about Aerobility.”

Another previous scholar was disabled British Army veteran Dave Evans from Wales. Dave said his scholarship experience left him with feelings of ‘improved self-confidence’ and an ‘improvement in mental health’.

Anyone with a disability can sign up for an Aerobility scholarship until June 9 and full details can be found at

“We offer scholarships to allow anyone, with any disability, to experience the magic of flight,” said Mike Miller-Smith, CEO at Aerobility (pictured above).

“We know first-hand how participating in aviation changes lives and we want as many people as possible to experience that.”



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