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Flying Scholarship Awarded To A Paralysed Man

A man who was paralysed in a motorcycle accident six years ago is learning the basics of flying after being awarded a scholarship by the disabled flying charity Aerobility.

Andy Braybrook, 35, who suffered a C7 complete spinal cord injury and has been using a wheelchair since the accident, was one of this year's successful scholarship applicants.

Aerobility scholarships are grants that enable anyone with any disability to learn to fly, irrespective of financial means. They are one of the ways the charity removes the financial as well as the physical barriers to accessing aviation.

Andy was paralysed six years ago in a motorbike accident and found his new ‘limited lifestyle’ very difficult to adapt to.

“The emotions and feelings I get from flying are something I haven’t experienced since riding a motorbike,” said Andy, who has been flying from Aerobility’s base at Tatenhill Airfield in Staffordshire.

“The scholarship has given me something to study toward and look forward to each week and proven that my fear of not being able to fly the plane was completely unnecessary.”

Anyone, with any disability, can sign up for an Aerobility scholarship. Stay up to date with scholarship application news by following @Aerobility on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tiktok.



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