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Council Breaking Down Barriers to Gaining Skills and Employment.

A new jobs website has been created to help Warwickshire-based employers fill roles created to appeal to people facing barriers into employment.

The Fair Chance Jobs Portal has been launched by Warwickshire County Council’s Warwickshire Skills Hub as part of their Fair Chance Employment Programme.

More than 50 businesses have committed to the programme so far, with more than 25 of those employers already listing jobs on the portal, which currently has around 30 job vacancies listed.

The jobs are targeted at a range of individuals, including those with special educational need or disability.

Advertised vacancies range from cleaning through to project co-ordination and customer service, and can be viewed at

“Helping businesses to address skills shortages while breaking down long-term employability barriers for individuals are two key issues that the Fair Chance Employment Programme is trying to address, and the new jobs portal is a crucial next step in helping us to make this a reality,” said Fay Winterburn is the Lead Commissioner for Employability and Skills at Warwickshire Skills Hub.

“Individuals who face barriers to traditional recruitment methods are an untapped talent pool, and we have been working closely with businesses to explore ways that they can make both their recruitment processes – and the jobs themselves – more accessible, and with room for progression.

“This includes softening the traditional interview approach by incorporating work trials as part of the interview process, so that candidates are being asked questions as they work, whilst also being offered flexible working hours.

“When a candidate is appointed to a role at a Fair Chance Employment Programme employer, they will also have a dedicated mentor within the business to help them settle into their role.”

For more information about the Fair Chance Jobs Portal, and to view the latest vacancies, visit



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