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Big Bank Urges Businesses to Invest in Changing Places Toilets

Lloyds Banking Group is encouraging other employers to follow its lead by including a Changing Places toilet in their offices.

As part of its long-term business strategy to raise awareness and improve accessibility in the workplace, Lloyds has opened its second Changing Places toilet at its Bristol Harbourside site - the first being opened last year at its offices in Old Broad Street, London.

Designed and installed by Changing Places supplier, Innova Care Concepts, and Contractor, Wates Group, the toilet features specialist healthcare equipment such as a height-adjustable changing bench and wash basin, ceiling track with hoist, as well as a privacy screen and shower facilities.

The facility will be open to the general public, increasing the number of registered Changing Places toilets in Bristol to 20 in total.

Over 250,000 people in the UK require access to a Changing Places toilet, as standard accessible toilets are unable to meet their care needs.

As a result, Lloyds Banking Group is calling on other organisations and businesses to follow in its footsteps and look to invest in infrastructure, including the increase of Changing Places toilets in the workplace, to ensure they have an inclusive working environment for all colleagues who have disabilities.

“We are committed to providing the best facilities for our staff, with accessible toilets a top priority for all those working and visiting our major employment hubs,” said Ross Hovey, Accessibility Manager at Lloyds Banking Group.

“To support the UK’s goal of enabling more disabled people to work and have fulfilling careers, we believe it is important that all employers acknowledge and include a Changing Places toilet in their offices where physically possible.”



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