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Autistic people Need Jobs Too

UK autism research and campaigning charity Autistica has called for the employment rate for autistic people to be doubled.

It follows the appointment of Sir Robert Buckland KC MP (pictured above) to lead a review in to how the Government can work with employers to help more autistic people realise their potential and get into work.

People with autism have particularly low employment rates – with fewer than three in 10 in work – but the Buckland Review of Autism Employment, supported by charity Autistica and the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), is aiming to change that.

“The benefits for autistic people and society will be huge if we can give autistic people the opportunity to work and thrive in employment,” said Dr James Cusack, Chief Executive of Autistica.

“That's why as a charity we want to see a doubling of the employment rate for autistic people by 2030.

“This vital review will enable us to move from awareness to evidence-based action. It will help us to rethink how we approach autistic people's access to work and perhaps drive a wider rethink around how we accommodate everyone in work, as we all think differently with unique strengths, challenges, and needs.”

The review will cover employment organisations, specialist support groups and autistic people to help identify the barriers to securing and retaining work and progressing with their careers.

To find out more about Autistica’s work in funding and campaigning for research on autism and related conditions go to



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