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£7,000 Boost To Parkinson’s UK and MND Charities

Money raised in the memory of a popular Welsh minister has been split between Parkinson’s UK Cymru and MND charities.

Parkinson's UK Cymru received £3,500 and a further £3,500 was shared between the My Name'5 Doddie Foundation and MND Association following the death of 70 year old Unitarian minister Cen Llwyd, who had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s and Motor Neurone Disease.

“Cen often spent his time raising awareness and money for Parkinson's UK and wasn't scared to share his experiences,” said his wife, Enfys, who has spoken candidly about the challenges Cen faced with his deteriorating health.

“It’s a very challenging situation when someone loses their mobility and independence. The worst thing about these conditions is that his mind was unaffected, so he must have felt trapped in a body that was no longer his own.

“He was writing emails and letters right up until the end. However, he found talking and communicating very hard and frustrating. It was painful to see him that way especially as he devoted his life to helping others through supporting various campaigns for the Welsh language and humanitarian rights.

“We are very grateful to everybody that contributed money in his memory. We wanted to donate the money in his memory to Parkinson's UK, My Name'5 Doddie Foundation and MND Association as these charities do amazing work in funding research to find new treatments, medication and perhaps one day, a cure for these diseases.”

Pictured: Cen Llwyd and his wife Enfys.



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