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Students to Get Out & About Thanks to Variety Sunshine Coach

The Bluston Charitable Trust has donated a Variety Sunshine Coach to a purpose-built school for autistic pupils in the West Midlands.

Representatives from Variety, the Children’s Charity, arrived at Elm Tree Primary Academy in Wednesbury this week to present the school with its brand new 17-seater coach.

Elm Tree Primary Academy, part of the Victoria Academies Trust family, caters to autistic children aged 5-11 years who have additional learning needs. The school’s physical space takes into careful consideration the sensory needs of the children, allowing for break out and therapy spaces.

The school provides a total communication environment where verbal language, gesture and sign, body language, visuals, symbols, objects and sounds are used and understood.

The new Sunshine Coach will allow the school’s pupils to continue learning outside the classroom as they explore their local area and develop their skills, experiences, and confidence.

“We are very excited to receive our first minibus,” said Beth Barnsley, Headteacher of Elm Tree Primary Academy.

“The bus will enable us to provide inclusive experiences within the local community, ensuring our children are both inspired and empowered to be the best they can be.”

Part of a worldwide charity, Variety, the Children’s Charity, was formed in the UK in 1949. Since then, it has raised more than £300 million, to help children and young people throughout the country who are disabled or disadvantaged.

To find out more about Variety, the Children’s Charity and their Sunshine Coach programme, please visit



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