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Funding Boost for Ground-Breaking Power Chair

Centaur Robotics has been given a cash boost to bring its ground-breaking self-balancing power chair to market.

The UK based manufacturer’s stylish new two-wheeled power chair, designed to solve all the problems associated with traditional wheelchairs, heralds a new era of mobility technology.

A £500,000 investment from the Midlands Engine Investment Fund (MEIF I), managed by Midven, will enable the company to finish development of their innovative wheelchair and begin production.

Featured in the current issue of Living with Disability, the Centaur fits into the space of a dining room chair, spins in its footprint and easily negotiates narrow doorways.

The Centaur is also powered to rise easily, allowing the user to reach higher shelves, adjust to the perfect height at a bar or a table and enjoy eye-to-eye conversations with others who are standing. Unique, self-balancing technology allows it to do all of this on just two wheels.

The product has been developed by automotive engineers under the direction of Paul Campbell, a former designer at Ford Motor Company, who has prioritised the dignity and experience of the user, placing aesthetics at the core of the design.

 “At Centaur Robotics, we believe in challenging the status quo to redefine mobility for wheelchair users,” said Eric Kihlstrom, CEO of Centaur Robotics.

“This investment from the Midlands Engine Investment Fund marks a pivotal moment in our journey, enabling us to improve accessibility around the home.

“We are not just building a chair; we are crafting a future where mobility solutions enhance independence and contribute to a more inclusive society.”

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